In this ted talk Aparna Rao shows the demos of some very interesting pieces, Aparna’s interactive that questions the way art feels about being in a gallery.

There are three pieces that I want to focus on, the first piece is the imperial monochromes which is panels of different sizes that are in a chaotic layout till the viewer approaches them and then snap into an organized pattern and after a while sinks back into chaos.

The second handheld is a piece where it’s just a piece of printer paper far away from where people enter with two small wood hands and if the viewer looks closely its shaking a bit trying but ultimately failing at keeping the paper perfectly still.

The fourth piece clappers is a little half coliseum with little people like heads that can split in half to form hands and clap, the viewer walks up and gets a random amount of claps of different volumes and also gets a second response from the piece as you walk away which can lead this piece to have some snarky interactions of clapping a little for entering and a standing ovation for leaving.

Each one of these pieces questions at the relationship between the art in the gallery and the viewer. imperial monochromes is interesting to me because I feel a sort of comfort in the idea that the art can relax, it greets you with its order and as it feels comfortable around you it slips back into a more relaxed pattern. The piece mimics an encounter with a flighty wild animal because when someone new enters or any large movement happens it snaps back to its no nonsense neatly ordered formation.

The piece handheld futile attempts at presenting the piece of paper is really homing in on the idea that the art gallery is a living place and when it’s not the most eye catching pieces that Aparna showed during the ted talk I feel like it brings the theme together, most of the other piece have a sound element or large motion so having this small quiet piece trying to compete with louder and more immediately more interesting pieces gives the viewers a second reason to feel sympathy for this piece which is meant to betray a sense of trying and failing.

Mattering on much variation clappers has I feel like it could incite a lot of interesting experiences with lucky viewers. Receiving applauds from only one head and the same head both times would be a really interesting experience. My main interest is in how Aparna is going to think about difference in kind. if there not enough difference in kind clappers actions will feel pointless, if there isn’t a large difference between like 60% of the face clapping and 70% having an interaction where u get that won’t be as powerful as having a very noticeable difference in applauds.


Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention

Filmed August 2013 at TED Fellows Retreat 2013


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