Falls New Fashion?


While wearing a dress that blends into bus seats might not be this seasons new fashion it definitely is an interesting piece of performance art.

What hit me hardest me about Menja Stevenson’s piece is that the bus material is associated with cheapness or an ugly pattern and by making a dress out of it is saying this pattern is beauty.  Which is odd cause there is the idea that something cheap must be inherently beautiful or useful and cannot be both

I think this work strikes out at the devaluation of common beauty. In the past pattern was equivalent to ordainment. However, in this age almost everything has a pattern or a design cheaply made or not which raises the question are more expansive clothes more beautiful.

Everyone the sage wisdom they should stop to smell the roses, but maybe they should stop and admire the bus seats. So even though Menja’s dresses were a chore to wear, “Wearing them, you sweat like crazy, they feel like a knight’s armor and it’s hard to act naturally,” I would love to have a suit to match the bus seats.

Menja Stevenson

“Bustour S (Stuttgart public bus)” (2006)

“Bustour M (Münster public bus)” (2015)

“Public Pattern / Bustouren” (2006)

“Bustour S (Stuttgart Metro)” (2008)

“Bustour B (Bielefeld public bus)” (2015)

“Bustour RW (Rottweil public bus)” (2010)

Outfits Sourced From German Public Transportation Fabric by Menja Stevenson

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