In Sal Khan he points out the insanity in teaching for test scores and how it injuries the social couscous’s understanding of people potential.

The mind set of just doing well enough to pass a class is poisonous for learning especially artists. This mindset will strand anyone who follow it stuck becoming jack of trades with a hazy or non-existent path to continue. Which I think it is imperative that we acknowledge the flaws in working for the grade, and take steps to dispel the mindset from our minds.

doing assignments to just finish them and get a grade and stop thinking about it, is very harmful if you are trying to master a skill. Most likely it would be impossible to fully master a skill by just doing one it once for an assignment.

the correct method is to continue to work on improving skills and not to be finished when you get the grade.

Sal Khan let’s teach for mastery-not test scores nov 2015

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