So I stumbled on an online conversation about The Laundress (La Blanchisseuse)” by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, I found it interesting how it was received.

“’This little laundress is charming, but she’s a rascal I wouldn’t trust an inch,’ the critic Denis Diderot declared when this painting was first exhibited in 1761”. These kinds of pieces of history always piqued my interest how in the history has these controversial pieces of art of women resisting the social norms of the times but with a modern eye they seem tame.

Even knowing some of the story surrounding this piece I can only kind of see the Diderot’s point, that is too much sock to be showing when staring someone down. However the maiden is not enraptured me but the texture of the piece, all the cloth has weight especially the laundry she is holding.

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