For this project “Check Off’s Radio” I chose Otto Mesmer to study, I watched Feline Follies (1919),  Felix the Cat: Felix in Fairyland (1923), Felix Comes Back (1922), Felix Revolts (1923), Felix Two-Lip Time (1926).

From these shorts I pulled a lot of influence from Mesmer. For example written sound effects can be found in Felix Revolts, there is a classic singular bang when the fish market owner kicks Felix out of the frame which is odd consider he just beat him up with no sound effects occurring for that.

the four fat fingers were copying how Mesmer drew hands and Felix pointing to things he going to go to is almost Omni-present in Mesmer work. The ending of Check Off’s Radio is more inspired by scenes like the one from Felix Two-lip Time where he gets a bunch of flowers and a tree drunk that kind of idea that everything can be a character is something I wanted to capture.

The places I feel like there was some smooth motion was 31-34 short and right before things get hard to read but I AT traveling through the antennae has a nice sense of weight, because as more of the electrical formed AT travels the more the antennae bent which gives it a nice sense of being acted upon, also the way ZZZ flowed was smooth if a bit fast 1-11 and 14-39.

Since this project is more about being a learning experience than making a master piece there were moments of unsmoothed motion. For example, 5-11 are bit awkward because I keep having AT change the way he was facing, in the second attempt he will be coming at more of curve to make the side view make a bit more sense.

The unfortunate problem with working with AT the goat other than the fact that he listens to me less Gertie does to McCay, proof not shown in this short is that AT is just a head. I thought if his particles shaped a hand it would be enough but the hand doesn’t really pop out and u kind of need to be looking for it, so he has a darker stream tail that can be a hand in the second attempt to help fix that problem.

Character design isn’t the one problem I ran into, AT entering the radio is pretty much a blurring mess with even the line I throw in didn’t read well mostly because it was on screen for less than a second. When AT is entering the radio I meant for it to read that he squeezing his head out of the like tape deck bit of it, this isn’t help that the radio was slowly moved out to the top of the frame by copying error. For the second attempt first off I’m going to make the side of the paper with the holes the bottom to so at least I will have more room, and try to focus on AT’s nose more than just having the radio bounce around.

The shocked scene was also another area that needs quite a tune up. I tried to make it seem like the bed was snapping up right but since it was slowly morphing for the whole piece it didn’t really read as strongly as I wanted. This scene really needs more time to develop so it on the top of the getting more frames list.

Lastly I noticed like somewhere in the middle tens of frames that the bed was warping and liked so I keep it in and let the warping happening to see how it would turn out, unfortunately the experiment didn’t work so it’s going to be keep to a minimum on the second attempt.

Small changes made to AT character design really did a lot to improve the performance. I shaded AT’s ear which help segment his body a bit more, but the biggest change is that AT now has a trail following him which help direction attention when I had it change into a hand.

The areas that got smoothed most on the second attempt were AT entering through the window 1-9, The eye line in 21-28, and the Radio falling 40-45.


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