Is a funny drawing a comic?

As Bob Mankoff cleaves the assumption that the drawings in the New Yorker are comics. The New Yorker wants to have this be so clear that in his contract it doesn’t say comics but idea drawings.

Which brings the question is there a difference between comics and idea drawing other than the semiotical. The answer lies in understanding the mood of the reader, someone reading a serious article a crude joke would just clash with the piece because  overstimulating the reader breaks the flow of thought. So to keep with the focus of thinking of The New Yorker idea drawing are drawing that require thought on the part of the reader.

To me  the most interesting part of this ted talk was when Mankoff talked about the idea benign violation cause I do not read The New Yorker. Mankoff thinks that for something time to be funny the viewer needs to think its “wrong also ok at the same time” this break down to the idea of duality cuts to the core of comedy.


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