linear day










I used line mostly to establish a foreground and a background to help guide the viewer through my day’s story. However, this line thickness changes often page to page which hurts the consistence of my image. This however is to push the contrast between consistence of the mountains and the story images.

         To show that each image is moving from one to the other there are lines that continue on to the next page .

My work wasn’t so much creative on my part of abstraction of my day, but it was more a Marlowlian depict of my life: this piece is merely a container for a slice of my life.  Since I’m the one creating my life the question of how creative was my final work is a bit odd since my work is just a glass frame for the most creative endeavor a person has.

The mountains in my work aren’t completely black which makes them a bit more interesting to look at then I wanted, because they aren’t just big negative spaces the viewer look the bits of white which makes the pages have two distinct objects instead having they being more focused on being a part of one image. Which leads to this dilemma of the question would look better with all the elements focused on being one image or does the added substance to an element help round out the image.

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