In Jason class, digital foundations, he is wants us to focus on having a message in our work. His critique of my last attempt was to make my work have more clarity, I my work is usually very bizarre and surreal which leads me to my current mental bottleneck.

The way I know how to make a piece with clarity is to have things be straight forward using more common imagery but I don’t wish to betray my affinity for the absurd, so I have been pondering how to make something peculiar yet clear. This however is proving to be as difficult as combining fire and water, which only inspires me to double my doubling, however putting your nose to the grind in the attempt to break through a bottleneck of understanding only leads to a bloody nose.


After some thought I arrived at the idea that the way to maintain clarity in abstraction is to give a proper gradation of so that the viewer can have a journey from the familiar to peculiar. I feel however this only one way to go about maintain clarity in absurdity, but for me to gleam another insight into this question is really out of my hands.  Arriving at an answer for this question is mere step in my journey of understanding how produce works with meaning.

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