When people hear my last name they usually don’t pick up on the d in Fand rather most likely think my last name is Fan, which is sort odd cause the way its pronounced is Fan-ED, so the d is not hidden away like the p in pterodactyl. That is why in this piece the d takes up much of the composition than the other letters and also the only letter with both materials.

The two materials I used where to reinforce the theme of –ed, which is the focus of the past so using Hawaii shirts something I wore almost every day in high school and board game pieces from Settlers of Catan my favorite board game seemed like they made for the right materials to get across who I was.

line and pount.png

Points aren’t inheritably apparent in this piece, yet lines are formed from points and gather into graphs which are used to make patterns and repetition. Although not apparent points are ever present within this piece

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