Day 4 The Hero is Light by Eduardo Yague

I watched this video a few times and was left with no strands of the elements or designs to pull so that I could pull so I could deconstruct this film down to its parts. Which was odd because I was touched and really felt that the it was powerful, I just couldn’t find the seam in which to peck at to mentally unravel the piece.

I however do see how this films use of symbolism was very well done, to name a strong moments, using that pure white blanket to symbolism the 7 winters was really powerful the sharp contrast of it extend past the value of the shot because blankets are supposed to warm and comforting but this blanket looked like it was constraining and with interaction with the poem giving the viewer info that is was to resent 7 winters made what in any other setting would be a warm blanket into something colder than ice.

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