Day 5 Grotesque by Ellen Wetmore

I started my thinking of this piece by looking up the definition of grotesque which is,
a very ugly or comically distorted figure, creature, or image. Because in between each video segment there is flowers I’m lead to believe the artist wants the viewer to throw out the very ugly conation which leaves only the comically distorted. This seems pretty obvious from a mere glance at the work but one should measure before cutting.

Left seems to be perceptions of women, the top segment having a women acting as the table legs for some flowers with a mirror copy making the frame for a fly or some bug, the woman neck and chest are forced into an uncomfortable compression her hand delicately helping her balance in this odd pose. The middle image is of a women struggling to pull two children in a cart across a plain. The bottom is a woman in an odd stretch holding a sculpture of a baby’s head again mirrored to frame a floating head but the face is just one big eye.
On the right is even odder the top is the same women as before in a toga one breast out pointing to a sculpture of a tower of women body but the top ends at the waist and sits on a larger waist which rests on a larger sculpture of which starts at the point right under the ribs which the two mirror women will turn and flash their naked bodies for only the sculpture to see. The middle continues this theme of odd female sexually by having the woman on a date with just a head of a man still living even though he is just a head, this all wraps up with on the bottom the woman holding an odd pose where she on all fours but is like struggling to balance on just the tips of one foot.

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