Abstract Animation

My concept for the abstract animation was to make a visual interpretation of a clip of Edvard Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King. This piece has a foreground and background of sound which I represented by having the colors switch and creating the illusion that the lines are vibrating along to the song. The first half of the clip is a flowing while the second half is more vibrational, the sound comes crashing down just to build to an another to another crashing down.

I feel like I communicated the hectic nature of this piece of music well, however, the small clip I chose really only has a highlight of the song qualities, so I feel like I only captured this highlight of the song and not really the whole song.

Who you researched and which films you examined How did these films influence your work? Cite specifics.

The piece that influenced my work was John & James Whitney – “Five Film Exercises” Film 1 (1943), This piece gave a foundation for how about doing my idea of changing colors of the background. The Piece also gave me some strong examples of how to animate something quickly moving and transforming.

Where in the film were your strongest motions? Cite specifics

Frames 76- 100 have really nice rhythm of jumpiness, especially the way the green line jumps for being in front of the red line and then lets it be on top of it, also the red line that flees off into the top right corner is pretty smooth which is nice asymmetry with the jumpiness of the red line on the left.

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