3rd animation project research

The motion of Bruce Bickford’s work is very odd cause it has no anticipation his work just has this continual flow that where everything is just in a constant state of flux. Which tempts me to say there is no follow through because for the most part when two object interact they have a few frames of interaction that leads to an unusually transformation, when his figures interact and don’t immediately transform they feel pretty floaty and there no sense of force in their gestures because of this lack of anticipation and follow through.

Clay animation allowed for Bruce Bickford to make animations with rapidly changing forms and ability to move away and towards the camera without out the huge amount of full animation that would be need to pull off a similar effect, This paired with distinctly clay figures added to Bruce Bickford’s psychedelic feel that is ever present in his work.

Bruce Bickford’s use of the texture of clay is what helps this constant transformation be visually interesting even when they have no form, combined with the unhesitating motion the clay takes on a sense of life.


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