Observed & imagined: works on paper Mario Prisco


Attention to form can take many forms, Observed & imagined: works on paper, by Mario Prisco, serves as proof of this. Even though at first glance this gallery seems divided into two different thoughts this theme of attention to form is what is connecting the two bodies of works.

In Prisco’s gesture drawing, there is a sense of capturing the form as it is. There is a special care put into the hands and feet in the gesture drawings, even if a hand or a foot is trailing off it is still fleshed out. Prisco also captures the way the flesh of the figure compresses, the shading that he achieves with this is so controlled no line out of place.

Imagined landscapes are a juxtaposition to the gesture drawing, there is a sense of Prisco focusing on playing with how our eyes assume things should look. The landscapes have an interesting mix of textured colors which helps to establish form in the shapes. Prisco used complex shadows on two dimensions which make for a very peculiar perspective, This creates an initially flat composition that unfolds to be quite dynamic.

The reason I think that these two bodies of works were put together is that they are both attempts to show form. The gesture drawing focus more on the form of reality and the Imagined landscapes focus on the how to make abstract but have shapes still hold form.

Observed & imagined is collect of pieces that has a strong attention to form. The indirect interaction between the pieces lets the viewer have a sense of where Mario Prisco attention was in his work.


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