The Ability to Name Things Has Escaped Me Gallery Write Up

The Ability to Name Things Has Escaped Me by Brian Murphy is being shown 10/27 through 11/17 at the Bret Llewellyn gallery. This show is composed of projected videos most of which require 3d glasses to view as intended, the videos hold on each frame for almost a second each, the majority of the pieces focus on some kind of spectacle including Turkish oil wrestling.

This gallery boils down to one concept for me, hot and cold content. This idea is that hot content doesn’t demand a lot from the audience to be engaged with the piece, while cold content requires the audience to deeply engaged with the content, this body of work finds a middle ground between the two.

The artist spoke about the theme of the gallery being the spectacle and wanting to enhance the interest of the movement of the spectacle, with this process of retrofitting video frame by frame so that the focus is on individual frames the focus of the work is focus on the enjoyment of movement.

When you enter the gallery you are presented with 3d glasses, there is a culture association of when you watch a film that needs 3d glasses stuff is going to pop out at you. This body of work doesn’t have any of that instead the glasses use that association to make the viewer focus on the movement of the films with the expectation of something is going to pop out or do something big to merit wearing the 3d glasses but there is not anything of that nature but now the viewer has been guided to looking in-depth at the movement without needing to be told. This makes the films have a hot on the outside, cold on the inside temperature.

By having work lead the viewer to where they should be focusing but not giving them any directions to finding meaning in the piece leads to creating interest in the viewer to help motivate them to engage with the coldness of the work.

This idea of hot on the outside cold on the inside is a very effective way of getting people to engage with more abstract art. glitch art is well suited to try to capture this concept.

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