teaked-finalFor my phenakistoscope I focused on exploring engraving a raster image with the laser cutter, I was intrigued by the ability to do a lot of little detail and then have it repeated 12 times and not needing to repeat the process exactly the same 11 more times.  

I choose to do stalagmite and stalactite cave because watching water slowly drip is one of those odd nature spectacles that can be very engaging, but it is a peculiar type of engagement like one might experience when watching a clock tick by or intense staring at a blank wall or that odd part of the ceiling where the seam in-between where two walls and the ceiling meet. This kind of novelty is something that can be rarely enjoyed because they are close to absolute zero cold medium.

Trying to pin down this feeling I made phenakistoscope have very slight movement to allow for the all the parts of the piece can be focused on induvial to raise the question in the viewer mind of what exactly they should be focusing on, so in a sense I made a boring novelty and for a phenakistoscope which is supposed to be an odd novelty having one that is intrinsically boring makes a juxtaposition of between this piece’s original purpose and the intentions of the piece.

It is only felt natural that I would focus on the animation principle of anticipation. However, the piece only builds anticipation and does not have follow through because I wanted to create a discomfort in the viewer in the hopes for them engage deeper with the piece.


laser cut


image precut

To make the image I started the line art in illustrator where I made only one slice and made the background but when the fill wasn’t working the way I wanted it to I moved the line art into photoshop. Where I painted in the background then made a composition image of movement layer then line art and the color layer on the bottom, But at this point, the slices were all in the same upright position so I made copies of the layers so that all 12 slices had their own line art and color layer and then rotated them at intervals of 30 degrees and put them together back in an outline of that included the twelve divisions so I could have guidelines to make sure they were equally spaced.








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