The way this project started was long before it was assigned, in class I was shown Flesh flows by Adam Beckett and it stuck with me enough that I was going to variant of this project, one that only used the computer, and I actually went and talked Jeremy about like how to go and reproduce the effects of the optical printer, it’s just after effects, so I following the train of thought of the interaction between barbed wire and trees cause out in the woods there a lot of barbed wire and trees will just grow around it. This interaction of how nature reacts to the man-made was my start point but then I started watching Adam Beckett’s other works and started riffing off his work, one of the easiest comparisons is the geometry part of sausage city because I have a section that is just my take on how that kind of shape moves.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.50.48 PM.png

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to an optical printer so I full animated with pencil on printer paper, the one interesting thing I did was I filmed my piece on a light box so I could have a quasi-cell animation but you can only faintly make out the bottom layer which makes an interesting fade but doesn’t really match the effect of an optical printer or cell animation.


Where I think I got my best animation was in two places, the first is the opening segment with the tree where it’s just swaying but when it starts to shake around the screen it loses the flow so from 319-467. The place is about 552-580 when the tree is all broken into pieces and are just 6 balls, the sequence has a nice movement and the because there are three balls following each orbit there is a sense of a pattern being completed.

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