I’m not one for hero worship so the closest thing I have is someone who is living in a way I would like to emulate, that person is Caldwell Tanner.

Caldwell is animator who has been low-key successful he created the Nintendo 3ds only series dinosaur office which ran from 2011 to 2013 however since it was only watchable if u owned a 3ds it was doomed to be a cult classic at best.

he was working at college humor/dorkly at the time of dinosaur office and was working as an illustrator/animator and doing all manners of work most notably on Feb 17th 2014 when he and Nathan Yaffe started Drawfee a show where they would take suggests and draw them. in a live stream of Drawfee was credited hiring most of the animation staff before he left to work at Disney

Caldwell tanner is my hero not for his work but rather the that he works with a lot of different creative people to make all sorts of content and that’s really what I want to do work on creative projects with other people.

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