Canon project


Goblins are demi-humanoids that are traditional look like human with grotesque features, large mouths, noses and such.

In my design, I wanted to keep this almost human look in mind so I gave my character a doughy body, so I had this diamond shape chin and a doughy body and I was giving my character normal arms and legs which didn’t feel right he felt too tall. I kept trying to compress the torso to make him feel a bit more condensed but that did not quite work out for two reasons, first is that it constrained him to a few poses and it did not fit his character, he not small because he is contracting himself to make himself smaller he just small and I wanted to have him be able to stretch out.

The solution I have settled on was to make his legs weirdly bent in a more animalist way making the knees come to a point, this pointing knee lead to me make Goblin elbows and shoulders spiky as well, which gives him a general pattern of pointy and geometry to more organic lines.

For clothing it was mostly motivated by the fact that he a shepherd and sort of a less is more philosophy, he only wears a vest because I wanted the doughy body to be on display the same reason for why he doesn’t have a hat it would over complicate his head.

I choose to make Goblin design very simple to downplay his grotesque aspects so viewers would have less trouble relating to him.


actionposebw pousing

My character is Goblin the Gob who lives in world of monsters without humans. The story begins when he finds that he has traveled back in time from 26 to 20, a less than desired transition especially when he changes the series of events that lead him out of his dreary home town on adventure where his knowledge of the past would have been helpful.

Previously kick out of the family business to join the navy, Goblin who hasn’t realized that he traveled back in time thinks he having a nice dream spending time with his family which they take as him kissing up not to be sent off so Goblan Goblin’s sibling is sent off in the draft instead.

Yes, Goblin is the name of a classic monster to us but in this world they are known as Gobs with each Gob adding letters on to make a name it is a little joke that the main character is named Goblin.

Goblin was a riding off his family’s coat tails who never took anything seriously till he sent off on his adventure and since wasn’t sent back to an earlier age where he could turn his public opinion easily with his new found work ethic and knowledge of the world, he is stuck as a loser in his small town eyes. Now stuck in the past continuing to work as a shepherd rather than going off on a grand adventure.




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