Minimalist Cafe



My cafe is called 3 cups and The Muffin, this because they only sell 3 cups of coffee and a muffin a day. This lore sprouted from the idea that it was a weird hipster cafe where people bid over bad coffee that has high cultural value in their eyes but has turned the corner to Eldritch with the size menu reading things like “enough to drown Your Soul.”

This extension backstory for my cafe came about with my misfortunate pull of minimalism as my decor style. I found modeling to be interesting and having the kind of challenges my mind likes to solve. UV mapping was a bit difficult for me because I had to keep things simple because of my decor style. Lighting was ok I really like playing with the glass and shiny object stuff, if only I had pulled futurist. Overall I feel like I have a pretty good begins of a Maya foundation

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