Charater turn table

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In this project, I tried to make a 3d model of my character that I made for figure drawing, I feel like I capture about 70% of the essence of the original work. The main reason for this loss of 30% is the fact that the original design had no thought of being 3d and was made in a way that didn’t take well to 3d such as the nose. Also, I dressed him in a similar way to the professor’s cause he made an off-handed comment about changing the project for next time for people to do so, I did so mostly to prod at that. This turned out for the better cause I got to add a tie and make a design that I am quite happy about for said tie.

Other than the face the next big problem area is the anywhere the chest connects to any other part if I had was to redo this project that would be an area where I put more focus. Also, I would have put more time into learning substance painter because I just slapped and recolor smart textures which did turn out pretty well for a quick texture job.

I enjoyed this project and feel like I have strong foothold in Maya.

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