20 second montage

Starring and directed by Josh fand

Cameraman: Zac Wabnitz

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Peer Critituqe


From my peer Critituqe, I will be analyzing Stephanie’s walk cycle. The piece has a lot of poping which covers up some decent poses, Stephanie really needs to change the timing in between poses, it looks like there only 1 frame in between her keys, which makes the movement of the arms and shoulders look like snapping into place rather than swinging. Overall I think if Stephanie just fix her timing this would be a good piece of animation.

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enigmatic by http://www.bensound.com

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polished charater designs


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walk cycle

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Documentary idea thing

“Title without Glasses, but in Japanese” it is a monster hunting mockumentary where I do interviews where I hand people who are wearing glasses pictures of themselves without glasses and ask them if they saw this monster. The basic shape is that Im going to be someone to who trying to get to the bottom of it, so like a montage with an interview audio with an interview that I can cut to and from or something. the middle will be interviewing other people with a switch between negative and positive opinion shift. the end is me putting together a trail of obvious visual gags that will put in all the interviews, examples a person without glasses being like there no monsters but having a picture of them wearing glasses with the text a year before you meet on it, just real bad and obvious stuff. mirrors are big maybe have an edited scene where we record two takes one without and with glasses and make an edited version where both are happening. maybe ending monologue where the idea of who were the originals are questions.

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tradition media project

This project’s strength is not in its results but rather in the journey.

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Just off the top, my prints did not turn out as intended but I find they are interesting failures.

so even though my prints are closer to the sosaku-hanga style, sosaku-hanga and ukiyo-e share the same steps.

The first step would be to draw the design and then break it up so each color is in its own block, traditional that would be on paper but I just used the adobe photoshop instead.

continuing with not using the traditional medium I used linoleum blocks instead of wood to speed up the carving process.

The blocks after printing

The post-mortem on my blocks is that I made the details too small for the 6 by 4 inch also I didn’t dig deep enough into the block so any text didn’t really print right.

The leftmost block was a bit of a joke slash test block I made for practice, has the main idea of sosaku-hanga which self draw, self carve, and self print but then at the end I cobbled together hopefully something that reads not so skilled as a joke that I was bad at doing this, which pissed off my muse and a lot of things went wrong after that.IMG_20170920_223242899

so I wanted to 3d print something to hold my blocks so I could line it up correctly which looked like this Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.12.25 AM.png

a few messed up prints caused me to improvise this upIMG_20170921_001303773.jpg

pictured to the left is the baren I used for the printing.

Traditional the printer would make their own ink from plants and minerals, I choose to do it the traditional Alfred way and bothered Vav to use screen printing ink.

I did the printing on two separate days and thought I lost my key black for my cat print which lead me to remove the tape ringlets that I was using to line up the prints, I later found it and tried to do it by eye which failed beautifully.




real cool demonstration of how to do it right


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